Want & Need translates your SMS messages from text to a textual visualisation of imagery associated with the content of your message. It achieves this through a 3 stage process.

First your SMS is received by a GSM modem attached to our computer locally. Our software takes the content of your SMS and stores it within a database.

The installation runs 24/7 displaying the latest messages from the database. These are also displayed online at C6.

These images from the web associated with the content of the message are converted into C6 styled text (a customised ASCII rendering). The ASCII image is then returned to the gallery space and displayed on the screens in the installation.

Sms messages are charged at local rates and the languages of surveyed countries are localised.

There is an aproximate lag of approimately 8 seconds between the text being sent and the image changing.

A wish to produce a database of cultural reactions to this work means that C6 are activily seeking settings for the installation of this system.

contact wantandneed [at] c6 dot org for venue suggestions.






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