As part of Want & Need, Oslo. We invite the public to become resellers of this interactive concept and experience.

To become involved there are several media types to choose from, obviously you can join in with sms, however for the more subversive user there are stickers, stencils to be distributed. Both the stencils and the stickers can be downloaded and either cut or printed from the links below. Alternatively mail to recieve your sticker pack.

sticker designs come in several sizes click, download and print:

76x76 Want
76x76 Need
25x25 Want
25x25 Need
76x25 Want
76x25 Need

Stencils can be resized to suit your Wants & Needs

Want stencil

Need stencil

C6 takes little or no responsibility for its own or your street based interventions with the above media. In case of offence or criminal damage people are asked to see the offending articles as art.

Thanks to B.E.K. and Pixel Punx for distribution of media in Bergan and Trondheim respectively. Other Norwegian art organisations wishing to take part in Want & Need should contact the above email address.

To see some examples of Want and Need interventions click here