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Max Bruinsma - Thames and Hudson

A London-based collective of artists and designers who share a decisively anarchistic view of life and a sense of humour, C6 creates events from a heady mix of digital and physical performance, anarchic stenciling campaigns and fine-art propaganda. The group has opened minds in pubs, clubs and galleries, on the streets and on the web. Their invocation to 'Bomb Soho' may not be meant literally - after 11 September 2001 it no longer sounds funny - but it does drive home the point that C6 is fed up with 'media whores' sipping latte behind 'ergonomically curved desks'. As a code-slave liberation front of sorts, the designers mock the hype around new media, while showing that they do know how to deal with code at the same time. C6's shop sells T-shirts with politically incorrect imagery and slogans and demonstrates the group's work with code. Movement up and down the central frame displaying the merchandise controls the scale of the pictures and visitors can zoom in on each item as it scrolls by; movement to either side controls the speed and direction of the scroll. Elegant and effective, this is an example that should be followed more widely. The rest of the site is a strange collection of pranks, media experiments, cartoons and activity reports from C6's gallery, street shows and performances. The raw life of London's artistic scene beyond the famed Brit Pack.

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