Perugia italy

Open source weekend where methods of free exchange were discussed and presented. C6 presented Diy Survival a print on demand title C6 had collated. Cheap to buy or free to download, the processes involved in developing collected works to print and web were dicussed in relationship to C6 practice.


Cremer St, shoreditch London
C6 return to London bringing with them Want & Need, currently touring Europe, their latest software release Echo, as well as the launch of the “DiY Survival” Handbook. A program of daily events sees collaborations, exhibits and shows by friends C6 have made upon their travels.

DiY Survival

Have you ever wanted to stop annoying mobile phone conversations
encroaching on your space? Or to learn how to turn discarded computers
into a running network? Or to set up your own street television? Or
even how to discover how to fund your art projects with unheard of strategies?
Now you have the chance to learn how!

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