Splore Festival

A short clip from the Disaster Unit set at this year's Splore festival. 

Dj: Sticky Buds

Vj: The C6 Disaster Unit

Mad pride print release


You may of seen the posters, Tee shirts, placards or the shutters on Curtain Road. Well here's the silkscreen print.


new dotmasters blog

For all Dotmaster news check out the blog at

Bloging seemed the obvious choice for snipets of info, news and gossip. Less project oriented and more stream of nonsense based.

Unfairground - Glastonbury 2010


Welcome to The Unfairground…That is, if a welcome is what you are expecting?

We are a side show, a perverse examination of the hopes and fears found in the worlds of traveling amusements. Something wicked this way comes as the unfairground rolls into town. Mutant dolls juggled by perverse clowns, a modern satirical take on amusement. Roll Up! Roll Up! For the strangest show on earth!

Mutate Britain

Social Hacking

Dotmasters - Social Hacking, Plymouth.
Social Hacking is a series of temporary public art commissions for Plymouth by international artists' groups against a backdrop of urban regeneration. An early test for the Dotmasters mobility in the art market to be premiered in Switzerland in April. both mona and adam take part in this MMS stencil campaign during this week long event.

Buzzcocks 30th Anniversary Tour

The c6 Disaster Unit Provided the bespoke projected accompaniment for shows during this 14 day tour. In addition to the show a retrospective exhibition of photographs from the last 30 years curated and created by Malcolm Garret with artwork by Linder, Jon Savage and Richard Boon was exhibited in various locations around the venue.

Filmed for Dvd release sometime in 2007 at the Forum Kentish town


Stavanger, Norway
This the first of three years curatorship's for the nuart festival, culminating in the festivities of the european capital of culture in 2008. This years festival providing a test bed of delivery systems, a street art festival and the visual backdrop of the numusic festival

Hack DAT

Plymouth Uk
hack-DAT: series of ‘social hacking’ for Plymouth, a collaborative project between and i-DAT
The project is a proposed new series of artist residencies and commissions on the theme of ‘social hacking’ as part of an ongoing program by and i-DAT. The first four iterations in the series of ‘social hacking’ for Plymouth, is planned for Spring 2006-2007 and presents four high profile international artists’ collectives.

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