Splore Festival

A short clip from the Disaster Unit set at this year's Splore festival. 

Dj: Sticky Buds

Vj: The C6 Disaster Unit

Hack DAT

Plymouth Uk
hack-DAT: series of ‘social hacking’ for Plymouth, a collaborative project between and i-DAT
The project is a proposed new series of artist residencies and commissions on the theme of ‘social hacking’ as part of an ongoing program by and i-DAT. The first four iterations in the series of ‘social hacking’ for Plymouth, is planned for Spring 2006-2007 and presents four high profile international artists’ collectives.

Want & Need

Using a wide range of street interventions C6 invite collaborative interaction with their gallery exhibit 'Want & Need'. Various media invite the public to sms their needs and desires to the gallery where digital representations are created with the submitted text.
Commissioned by Atelier Nord
Funded by National Touring Exhibitions, Norway and PNEK.


C6's first software release, Nest examines the serendipity in data transfer. Charting the corruption and those connected with several visualisations, statistics and user findings.

Bristol Summer Games

Urban Olympics, Bristol.

For three days Bristol City was an Olympic arena for collaboration and competition. Collective maneuvers were a congregation of local and international cultural collectives, exploring universal urban architecture and furniture.

On the fly

Mobile commuter installation, Central line, London Underground.

1260 Flies sprayed on the windows of a London Underground Central line train in 9 minutes between 3 stations.

Joker in the global bunker

Atelier Nord, Oslo, Norway
3 day workshop, culminating in a street intervention in both Oslo and Christchurch New Zealand where C6 members stenciled anti American images along the routes of marches to protest the war in Iraq.

Bomb Reykjavik

Reykjavik, Iceland

Street intervention stencil campaign in and around the center of Iceland’s capital. Problems with 24hr light made this location one of the most challenging yet.

Media Whore

Soho, London W1.

A month long Multi media attack on Soho, including as well
as the C6 T shirt shop and exhibition on At Vexed Generation, No 3 Berwick street, London.


Bomb Shoreditch

Silver fish Gallery, Wentworth Street London, E1

C6 created an opportunity for local east end artist to come together and
participate in a show without theme. Among those who exhibited were Franko
B, Igloo, Lucy Grey and C6's anti new media graffiti campaign Bomb shoreditch.

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