Bags of Ants


tescos bagsy

Seems like there is alot of Tescos bags around at the moment....more still to come


A recent trip back to nuart central in Stavanger produced an ideal opportunity to put together our new Bags stencils, with the leaf cutter ant typeface. Stavanger must becoming used to this as a 11am morning mission failed to produce a murmur in this central spot outside the club cementen. While the nights are dark and the weather is wet and cold the dotmasters have been hard at work cutting new works in a needed break from the dots. New dots are however planned for the spring and these of course will appear on the walls of a gallery near you and should also feature at one of the this summer shows, (details still to hazy to be announced yet).




Anti-establishment leaf cutter ants conquer the summit.
The Dotmasters are showing in LA at the Carmichael Gallery of Contemporary ArtOUTSIDE/INSIDE, a showcase of some of the most exciting stencil artists from around the world. More than twenty international artists representing six different countries are exhibited, including artists from France, Australia, United States, Portugal, Norway, Brazil and the United Kingdom. Featured artists include: Adam5100, C215, Dotmasters, Rene Gagnon, Pam Glew, HaHa, Logan Hicks, Hush, Jef Aerosol, Brian Jones, Kaleb, Adam Koukoudakis, Mantis, M-City, Amy Rice, Skran, Chris Stain, Martin Whatson. The exhibition will be on view March 1 through March 16, 2008, with an opening reception held on Saturday Mach 1, 2008, from 8 p.m. to 12 a.m.