DiY Survival

Have you ever wanted to stop annoying mobile phone conversations encroaching on your space? Or to learn how to turn discarded computers into a running network? Or to set up your own street television? Or even how to discover how to fund your art projects with unheard of strategies? Now you have the chance to learn how!

DiY SURVIVAL is a compilation of cutting edge strategies, methods and techniques of DIY art, delivering a wide range of practices, actions, events, enterprises and issues which all have to do with the art of DIY, with forms of media subversion and the intelligent sabotage of cultural markets.

DiY SURVIVAL HANDBOOK delivers a mix of Theory, Case Studies and "How To..." whose aim is to circulate radical knowledge, to disseminate practical know-hows and to promote collective awareness against the ego-trip of The Artist.

Among the topics: pissing on monument as form of urban intervention; how to create a wireless node; mobile art gallery; Strategies of audience engagement; techniques of mobile phones hijacking; the creation of subversion in the supermarket; brandalism and street art; Trashware; street Television; collaboration as art practice, plus essays on avant gardes, Media Pop Art, net art, the hyperconnected multitude, teaching cultural activism and much more.

DIY SURVIVAL, a snapshot of the DIY art slash activism field, an instant book which photographs individual and collective realities involved in redesigning the tactics of DIY art around the globe.


Anna Banana, bluloop, bravenewbrum, Gordon Brown, C6, Joanna Callaghan, Ruth Catlow, CCTV Nuts, Hernani Dimantas, Eric Doeringer, Ryan Griffis, The Institute for Infinitely Small Things, International Union of Free-Thinkers, HACKLAB_pg, Tsila Hassine, Amanda Janis, Loca, Luna Nera, Motherboard, Nonna Papera, Gabor Papp & Ricardo Contreras, Robert Praxmarer, Leonardo Ramos, slavina feat ctrl C+ ctrl V, Truck art, The vacuum cleaner, Marcus Verhagen, Ricardo Miranda Zuñiga

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